Next generation roster app for flight crew

Flight crew app for iOS, iPad and Android

A new tool that makes your life easier

  • Roster

    Access your roster and other crew rosters online or offline, export schedules in different formats and sync with your calendar.

  • Flight status

    Check gate and flight status, leave notes for your crew, access flight plan and MEL, monitor boarding progress and get informed about fuel and ramp releases.

  • Connect

    Chat with fellow crew members even while airborne, send text messages and access crew profile information.

  • Station information

    View station information offline and layover pickup times, hotel details and destination tips from colleagues.

  • Seatmap

    See passenger seat map, security exits, connecting travelers and passengers traveling together.

Flight Roster

Schedule overview

Specially designed to help keep track of your roster chronologically, the schedule overview lets you check your departures, training and off-duty days, and export your roster via email and PDF.